Rules & Documents

Rules of Play, Expansion Books and Cultural documents

11737862_10100957728476963_8499204076981905646_nThe Rules of Play – The main rulebook for the game of Amtgard.

Jugging Rules – Jugging is a complex battlegame, and thus requires a ridiculously long writeup.

A&S competition Judging guide – For our Arts & Science competitions.


The Rising Winds governing and logistics documents

The Rising Winds Corpora – The rules by which we govern our kingdom.

Rising Winds Bylaws – The Bylaws as established by the Board of Directors of Kingdom of the Rising Winds, INC.

11225741_10205194093865868_1260528284531347400_nPetition form – Form for freeholds to petition The Rising Winds for sponsorship. Note: This is not a contract to start an Amtgard chapter. Freeholds must first be contracted with The Burning Lands before petitioning us.

Liability Waiver – Safety waiver (required for all new participants).

Minors Policy and Custody Agreement – For underage attendees of The Rising Winds events.

Sheet – a generic print-ready sign-in sheet.