What is the BOD?

The Board of Directors – The “Business” Behind The Kingdom

In addition to being a Kingdom in a Fantasy game, The Rising Winds is an incorporated non-profit organization, and as such must maintain a Board of Directors to conduct business officially.

The Rising Winds Board of Directors is elected by our dues-paid citizens, with the exception of the Treasurer. The Kingdom Monarch holds one seat on the board, The Treasurer holds another seat, and the remaining five seats are elected by the populous in overlapping one-year terms. The Board of Directors typically meets on Sunday mornings at Kingdom camping events, and at varying times (as needed) on Kingdom Tournament days.

Typically the Board of Directors will be responsible for:

-all dealings with outside organizations; including but not limited to the police, parks departments, site owners and public officials.
-voting to suspend players when the board becomes aware that the player is convicted of (or presently charged with) a felony which may endanger the club by association.
-voting to approve or deny all petitions from chapters that wish to join the Kingdom.
-managing the kingdom finances and filing taxes for the organization.

The Board of Directors’ operations are outlined in our Bylaws.