Why join a kingdom?

Amtgard Kingdoms exist solely because of the players. We’re not a business with a corporate structure; we don’t have employees to run our events… we are a community. A community that has grown nationwide on the backs of thousands of Amtgard players like yourself, working together to make great things happen.

10153815_10203056220793771_3365942885331095166_nOur kingdom exists because hundreds of like-minded people across the Midwest and the Ohio Valley love our game, and are willing to travel hundreds of miles to camp out and play Amtgard; but it takes more than just players for our Kingdom to exist. Like Dungeons & Dragons games need volunteer Dungeon Masters, a Kingdom event calls for cooks, security, cleaning crews, gate staff, Monsters to fight, bad guys to hunt, and more. An Amtgard event calls upon the mundane talents of our entire populous just to make a three-day campout function. The best part is, all of this is entirely voluntary. If you just want to show up and play, that’s totally okay too.

Truth be told, we need you more than you need us; but that doesn’t mean that the relationship isn’t beneficial for you. When your chapter becomes a1422546_10203777410180886_6419061478570583326_n part of our kingdom, you become a part of our well-oiled machine in many ways, and that earns you many rights you wouldn’t have as a freehold. We elect our leadership democratically, and we make decisions as a community; all members that pay dues to their local chapters and maintain attendance may vote in elections, and may help the club make big decisions at althings.

No one’s vote is worth any more or less than anyone else’s. Our monarchy candidates campaign based on the types of events they wish to run, and the aspects of our game they want to focus on during their term. Through our voting, we determine the short term future of our club, and every member has an equal say in that.

Our system of Awards and Titles also rewards chapters for joining Kingdoms, and for growing larger as time goes on. Titles of Nobility and other awards can be given out by local chapters to their players at increasingly higher levels as chapters grow, but only if they’re sponsored by a Kingdom.

10474642_685352338169410_7799663535757907309_nA positive cycle develops from all of this. The system rewards chapters for growth, growing chapters mean there’s more people attending kingdom events, amazing kingdom events keep players interested long-term, and chapters themselves grow as long-term friendships and camaraderie develop. Our talent pool grows, and so does your home chapter.

This cycle has worked amazingly for our kingdom for more than a decade. Our kingdom has grown so much, it has given birth to neighboring kingdoms, and still maintains the largest number of chapters and the highest player population of any Kingdom in Amtgard.

We want you to be a part of that.

Download our corpora and contracts. Talk to us on Facebook. 


Contributions from Baronet Lucius Weezicus, of Mists of the Dawn and Margrave Asche Palantir, of Sky Harbor were crucial in the writing of this page.